Earn Loyalty Reward Points

Be rewarded for your loyalty when you purchase with Back To Organic.

Below you will see all our terms and conditions, that relate to our rewards program.

Our Rewards Points are Free

There are no membership fees required to join our rewards program.

However you must register an account with us, so that our system knows who you are when you order from us.

When you register an account with Back To Organic, you will automatically be eligible for rewards points.

Important Note:

Be sure that when ever you order, you are logged in to your account, as there is no way for our system to attribute any rewards points to you, if it doesn't know who you are.

If you are not logged in to your account, you will also be unable to use your points, as there is no way of our system knowing who you are, and how many points you have.

In the event that you place an order, and forget to login to your account, you may contact us here, and we will add the points to your account that you missed out on.

Points Value

The Rewards Points earned are; $1 spent equals 1 point earned (This is calculated Excluding GST first).

Even though the Rewards Points are calculated excluding GST, this is reflected in the points you need to redeem a product, as the calculation takes this into account, and the appropriate adjustment is made.

Any products that do not include GST, will be calculated on their full value.

When translated into redeemable points, this will equal an approximate value of more 5% across most of our products. However some products maybe more, while others may be slightly less.

Examples of these may be;

  • A product that has already been reduced for any number of reasons, where you are already receiving a discount greater than the value of the reward.
  • A product bundle that is already reduced in price, where you are already receiving a discount greater than the value of the reward.
  • Any other similar situation, where the discount or price of the product is greater than the reward.

How to Earn Rewards Points

There are many ways to earn Rewards points.

The most common way to earn Rewards points, are when you purchase a product on our site.

NOTE: You must be logged in to earn the following points.

Other ways to earn Rewards points are:

  • Refer a Friend - simply click on the "Earn Rewards" button at the bottom of your screen, and a popup window will show you a code. Simply copy the code, and then click on the "Envelope", which will open your email so you can easily send it to your friends and family. There is no limit to how many you send. Once a purchase is made and paid for, you will receive the appropriate points to your account - see Images below.
  • Write a Review - We know it can take time, that is why we will also give you points to write a review.
  • Create a New Account: When you create an account as a new customer, you will also receive a Rewards Points Bonus for signing up.

Redeeming Points

Redeeming your points is easy as clicking on the Redeem button on the product page - See the image below.

The "Redeem This Item" button, will tell you how many points the particular product requires for redemption.

Important Note:

You can only redeem your points on individual products, and not on the total invoice amount. Once you redeem the points on a product/s, you will only need to pay the difference of the invoice total, unless you have enough points for the entire order.

Unfortunately, Reward Points can not be used to pay for shipping. However our shipping rates still apply as per normal, providing you meet the minimum requirements.

Checking Your Rewards Points Total

To check how many rewards points you have, simply log in to your account, and find the reward points section which is located towards the bottom of your Account page. Under the "My Rewards" heading you will see your total points earned. The "View Details" heading will show you a break down of your points earned and used, as well as where you earned them - see images below.

The "Redeem" heading will take you straight to a page, where you can see all our products listed, and redeem them from there, alternatively you can do it while you are shopping in the normal part of the website.

Rewards Expiry

Our rewards points do not expire, so we won't pressure you to use your points. You will have the flexibility to use them when ever you want.

Extra Information

The Back to Organic Rewards Program:

  • Can be modified at anytime, as we deem necessary.
  • Can stop at anytime
  • In the event that the Rewards Program will be stopped, you will be notified 1 month in advance, so that you can use any outstanding points.

Earn Rewards!