Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar
Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar

Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar

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Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar

A Super Polynesian Food

Sustainably Sweet is our brand, and tastes like raw or brown sugar, only better !! This sun-kissed sweetener is the crystallized nectar of the tropical coconut palm tree blossom, harvested high in the swaying canopy by traditional farmers, then evaporated and crushed into a unique, unbleached, not-too-sweet sugar alternative. So go ahead, indulge that sweet tooth !!

To many indigenous island communities, the coconut sugar palm is known as the "Tree of Life" – this species (different than the Palm Oil tree) grows in diverse wild-life supportive agro-ecosystems, and can produce over 100 types of products from which farmers can earn a profitable, sustainable living. Producing 50 – 75% more sugar per acre than cane sugar while using less than 1/5th the nutrient resources, it must be the single most sustainable sweetener in the world!!

Boasting a naturally Low Glycemic Index (GI 35) that is nearly half the GI of cane sugar (GI 68) and lower than honey (GI 55) and even agave (GI 42).

This super Polynesian food has the added bonus of a nutritional content richer than possibly all other commercially available sweeteners! Contains protein (12 amino acids) and comparatively high mineralization including potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and iron.

What are some suggested uses for Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar?

Replace 1:1 with cane sugar in your coffee/tea/chai/cocoa or homemade lemonade/iced tea.

Alternatively, it's easily incorporated into all your favourite dessert recipes.

Here are some FAQs about the Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar:

1. What about the Orangutans?

Indonesia is comprised of over 17,500 islands - wild orangutans live on just 2 of these - but NOT where this product
is harvested, for your karmic peace of mind.

2. What does it taste like?

Just like sugar – with a hint of caramel.

3. What is the texture like?

Kinda like a dry light brown sugar.

4. Where is it from?

Product of Indonesia.

5. Is it really delicious and will I love it?

Ohhhhhh yeaaahhhhh.

Product Ingredients:

Certified Organic 100% Coconut Palm Sugar (Cocos nucifera)

Product Size:

1 kilo

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