elly b Organic Rose Hydrating Toner
elly b Organic Rose Hydrator and Hydrating Toner

elly b Organic Rose Hydrating Toner

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elly b Organic Rose Hydrating Toner

Heavenly scented delicate mist to soothe & tone skin. Revitalises & brightens.

A delicate rose scented toner to balance, soothe & refresh your skin. This fine layer of moisture provides your skin with a preliminary hydration whilst assisting in minimising pores. High in nutrients to balance & nourish your skin as well as containing anti inflammatory properties.

Alcohol free.

Skin Type Suitability:

For all skin types

How to use this product:

After cleansing morning & evening, hold toner approximately 20 cm from your face, close eyes, and spray 3 to 4 times. Alternatively spray toner onto cotton pad and gently wipe over your face. Whilst skin is just damp apply moisturiser to lock in hydration. For use any time during the day to freshen your skin. Gently shake before use.

Product Ingredients List:

Certified organic rose otto (Bulgaria) hydrosol, potassium sorbate

Product Size:

125 ml

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