Organic Rosehip Mineral Makeup
Organic Rosehip Mineral Makeup

Organic Rosehip Mineral Makeup

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Organic Mineral Makeup Powder

Organic Mineral Powder is available in one colour for all skin types. Formula is gives a sheer to medium coverage and blends with your own skin colour for an even complexion. Helps to hide redness, blemishes, pigmentation and conceal enlarged pores. Using pearl, satin and silk mica minerals you can enjoy a smooth flawless finish. 100% natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality made in Australia.

How to use the Organic Mineral Makeup Powder?

Use a small amount on moist skin and apply twice for extra coverage.

Product Ingredient List:

Bamboo powder; pearl mica; sericite; coral calcium; satin mica; silk mica; organic rose; organic vanilla.

Product Size:

7.5 grams

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