Organic Rosehip Herbal Conditioner
Organic Rosehip Herbal Conditioner

Organic Rosehip Herbal Conditioner

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Organic Rosehip Herbal Conditioner

Organic Rosehip Herbal Conditioner is great for dry, frizzy or curly hair. The combination of organic raw ingredients will leave your hair soft, manageable and hydrated.

The shampoo and conditioner has proven to give fuller, thicker hair and over time will help with hair growth. Organic Rosehip Shampoo will give you a healthy scalp, and strengthen the hair follicle; helps reduce dandruff, head lice and cradle cap relieving itchiness, redness and dry scalp to make your hair stronger.

What are the Benefits Organic Rosehip Herbal Conditioner:

All hair types and sensitive & dry scalps. Best used with our shampoo, this product will correct the PH balance in your hair, whilst softening and untangling.

  •     Natural shine
  •     All hair types
  •     Sensitive & dry scalps
  •     Dandruff
  •     Eczema
  •     Psoriasis

How to use the Organic Rosehip Herbal Conditioner:

After shampooing, massage a small amount into the hair and leave for 2-3 minutes.

Product Ingredient List:

Purified energised water; organic rosewater; organic rosehip oil; ceteryl alcohol (vegetable derived); organic noni juice; organic olive oil; natural vitamin E; organic argan seed oil; organic rose extract; organic geranium; organic basil; organic cloves; organic cinnamon leaf oil; neroli oil; bay laurel; organic grapefruit seed extract; organic chamomile and marigold; organic lavender; organic niaouli; organic rosemary.

Product Size:

250 ml

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