Nature's Child Wonder Balm
Nature's Child Wonder Balm

Nature's Child Wonder Balm

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Nature’s Child Wonder Balm

Wonder Balm for Skin Irritations

Wonder Balm is the go to balm for new mums & babies for irritating rashes & dryness.

It is guaranteed to become the family favourite balm to have handy for all ages to assist with skin irritations, bites, bumps, scratches that need calming cream with active kids.

  •     Wonder Balm replaces multiple creams in your home
  •     Wonder Balm is the natural & organic option replacing Vaseline and Paw Paw Cream
  •     Wonder Balm is ACO Certified Organic 99% + Natural Vitamin E
  •     Wonder Balm is popular beyond the baby years and will become a family favourite
  •     Helpful for bruises, scrapes, itches, rashes, dryness, sores, irritating private parts
  •     Wonder Balm may assist new mums to soothe Haemorrhoids after birth
  •     We bet you can find 100 other uses for Wonder Balm around the home!

Product Ingredient List:

Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic Almond Oil, Certified Organic Beeswax, Unrefined Certified Organic Calendula infused in Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic Comfrey infused in Sunflower Oil, Natural Vitamin E Certified Organic Chamomile Roman Oil. Lavender.

Product Size:

45 grams

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