Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Women's Multi
Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Women's Multi

Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Women's Multi

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Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Women’s Multi

Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Women’s Multi is a wholefood, supercharged formula designed especially for daily use by women who want to feel their best. The delicious blend combines the benefits of prebiotics and fermented ingredients for digestive health, with adaptogenic herbs specific to supporting women’s physiology and wellbeing.

•    Concentrated Nutrients from Wholefoods
•    Fermented Ingredients
•    Women's Herbs

Here is one of many Recipes you can try.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

•    1 serve Amazonia Raw PrebioticWomen's Multi
•    250ml Coconut water
•    1/2 Cup strawberries
•    1 Frozen banana
•    Top smoothie with blueberries or swirl passionfruit through (optional)

Product Ingredients List:

Superfood Blend (Beetroot*, Acai*, Lucuma*, Chia Seeds*, Noni*, Wheatgrass*, Barley Grass*, Alfalfa Grass*, Spirulina*, Chlorella*, Baobab*, Acerola*, Carrot*, Kale*, Spinach*, Apple*, Grape*, Broccoli Sprout*, Aloe Vera Extract*, Coconut Water, Maqui Berry*), Digestive Blend (Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin* [Prebiotic], Fermented Mung Beans*, Fermented Brown Rice*, Fermented Red Lentils*, Fermented Chickpeas*, Fermented Flaxseed*, Fermented Alfalfa Seed*, Fermented Millet*,Fermented Quinoa*, Amylase, Herb & Spice Blend (Cinnamon*, Siberian Ginseng Extract, Schisandra Extract, Passionflower Extract, Bamboo Extract), Natural Flavours, Vanilla Bean*, Stevia Leaf Extract*. *Certified Organic.

Trust Certified Organic - Amazonia abides by the Australian Certified Organic Standard. This is the highest standard worldwide for produce authentication, from source to product.

Product Size:

100 grams

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